Join Us on a Transformational Journey to Unlock your Best Self by using the Science of Happiness

Why Investing in Happiness can Help You be at Your Best 

Investing in your happiness can have a profound impact on your life, especially in today's world where stress, anxiety, burnout and loneliness are all too common. 

And yet, we are not taught in any school, university or at work how to build habits that can enable us to be happier. Research has shown that building practices the right way to hardwire for happiness can have significant benefits, making it a wise investment in your future. Happier individuals are more:

  • Successful in any endeavor they choose
  • Healthy enjoying a longer and higher quality of life
  • Resilient bouncing forward from the hardships they face. 
  • Satisfied with life & enjoy the journey, rather than constantly chasing the next goal. 
  • Creative, productive, innovative at work and beyond!

Don't let the challenges of today's world hold you back from living your best life. Building these habits is the first step toward a more fulfilling, successful, and joyful future. 

Invest in yourself and your happiness with our Integrated Happiness Program today.

What is the REWIRE Program?

The REWIRE Program is designed to help you unlock your best self by integrating the 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices (the Sunflower Model) that are grounded in the science of happiness into your life. 

We use the neuroscience of habit formation to support you in building 6-9 habits so that you become anti-fragile in the long term and better equipped to overcome any obstacles life throws your way.   

The Sunflower Model:  9 Hardwired for Happiness Practices

Learn more about the 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices from Ashish Kothari, author of the bestseller Hardwired for Happiness, below. 

Whether you're in your late 30s-50s, looking to self-author your journey for the second half of your life and dealing with: 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Burnout and/or Loneliness
  • Health concerns
  • Relationship struggles
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Life Transitions

the REWIRE Program can provide you with the tools, resources, and support that you need for optimal performance to thrive and succeed.

Access the Program via the Community: Web or Mobile App

Imagine yourself building skills that help you in the long term to bounce forward no matter what life throws your way.

Experience your shift during your 30-day free trial! 

What differentiates the HAPPINESS SQUAD Program from other programs

The Rewire Program is grounded in the science of happiness and neuroscience of habit formation. Our Program integrates the full set of 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices (The Sunflower) by combining the best thinking across neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality, rather than providing siloed interventions. 

Within our flexible learning environment, you'll have the freedom to choose and build the six to nine habits that work best for you and your lifestyle.

Do so on-the-go or in a more structured setting with fellow committed community members.

This will make it simple and easy for you to integrate micro-practices into your daily routine regardless of how busy you are.

What are you waiting for? Make happiness your competitive advantage to unlock your full potential!

🌻 For less than $1 & few minutes a day, invest in your happiness. Experience your shift by launching your risk-free 30-day trial today!

Welcome note from the Founder of HAPPINESS SQUAD

Hi, I’m Ashish Kothari, author of Hardwired for Happiness

We are democratizing happiness on our mission to touch a billion+ individuals to be at their best and in service of each other. The reason for building this program is for people to benefit from discoveries through my journey - a better life filled with happiness allows us to be at our best across all domains of life. 

Today, things have changed a lot for me as I have integrated the 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices into my life. My life still has stressful times or moments when I experience obstacles, and I am able to bounce forward and continue filling my life with more joy, love, health and meaning. My hope is for you to join us too and begin your own transformational journey.

We applaud you for taking your first step. 

Welcome to our community!